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3 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Room Addition Contractor

Are You Planning to Add a New Room?

Building a new room is usually a large investment of both money and time. Before you hire a room addition contractor or start your own room project, consider the following tips for planning your new room.

Assess your options

Before committing to a project of adding new rooms, consider whether reconfiguring your current space makes more sense. Think about spaces you already have, such as a basement or attic, that could be finished to meet your needs for more room. Perhaps you have a room that’s very rarely used, such as a formal living or dining room, or a guest bedroom that could be repurposed on a modest budget.

Prioritize your needs

Once you’ve decided that a adding new room is the best solution for you, determine what you need from your new room. Think about what your existing space may be lacking and how your new room can provide it. Be mindful of how you use your existing rooms now and identify any problems. If you’re building a new kitchen addition, for example, you’ll want it to have a flow that matches the way you really prepare ingredients, cook and clean. For a new bathroom, consider how many family members use it and what’s most important to each of them. Starting with a clear view of what you need is a way to help ensure you end with a great addition to your room that you’ll love.

Determine who will do the work

Unless you are very skilled in construction work, a room addition is not a DIY project. There are some homeowners who decide to act as their own general contractors and supervise the work of subcontractors. Being your own contractor still requires some knowledge of materials and construction, however, plus the time and ability to find and vet all of the necessary subcontractors.

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