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4 Simple Ideas From Your Remodeling Contractor

Transform Your Home Into a Relaxing Haven

Stress and fatigue can undermine our physical and emotional health even during the best of times. Without the proper environment, our homes can add to these negative feelings instead of providing a calming oasis to which we can retreat. Fortunately, there are a few simple home remodeling projects you can take on to create a soothing environment in your own abode. Learn from your trusted remodeling contractor below!

Create a Cozy Bedroom

Design a comfortable retreat with the right bedframe and mattress for you, and invest in some cozy bedlinens and pillows. Soft area rugs and blankets sprinkled around the floor or draped over furniture can add to the inviting atmosphere, as can a warm hue of paint on the walls and the scent of a relaxing essential oil.

Invite Nature In

Using natural elements for home decor can give your home a strong connection to the outside world and promote an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. Hang air plants in macrame holders on the walls and glass vases of fresh flowers in different varieties around the house. Introducing more potted plants indoors, even if they are fake, can create a feeling of tranquility within the home.

Lighten & Brighten

The best way to create a homestead of relaxation is to introduce elements of light and brightness. Add mirrors in strategic places, such as near the windows, to let in more natural illumination. Open up dark window treatments, such as blackout curtains, to let in more of the outside light. Consider upgrading your lighting system to something with a soft, yellow glow, as opposed to harsh and artificial light.

Create Your Own Retreat

You might have a lazy spot or special corner in your house that could benefit from a renovation of soft, calming accents. A reading nook in the living room or a reflective corner in a bedroom can become your own personal retreat within your own home. Decorate this area with plush rugs, comfy throw pillows, and layers of blankets for the ultimate relaxation corner.

These four simple home remodeling ideas will have your home feeling comfortable, cozy, and highly hospitable in no time. For more ideas on how to make your home a relaxing retreat, contact Construction Solution. We’re a preferred remodeling contractor in Bellevue, WA and you can easily call us by calling (425) 225-3305.