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Can a Room Addition Be Built on a Garage

How to Build an Addition Over the Garage

If you are like most homeowners, the last few years have proven that there simply isn’t enough room in your home anymore. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live and use our homes, more people are looking for a private, secluded area of their homes and have asked themselves if they can add a room addition over their garage.

Homeowners have various reasons for wanting to add a second story over their garage. As home offices have become the norm, people are finding themselves in need of a quiet place to do their work.

Adding a dedicated office

One of the most common reasons homeowners are choosing to build on top of their garage is for more square footage. With families spending more time in their homes since the start of the pandemic, most have found themselves looking for more space.

Specifically, they want a home office. We have seen an increase in the requests for home office additions in the past 12 months – more than ever before. And it makes sense; now we know how convenient it is to work from home.

The problem is, people don’t want to use their bedrooms as office space. In fact, working from a bedroom isn’t great for a person’s mental health. So, for those that want a dedicated home office space, sometimes the first step is to just add more space.

Nowhere to go but up.

Because of zoning laws, sometimes the only choice for an addition is to add another story. Setback codes, which are the building codes that dictate how close a house can be to a road, sidewalk, or property line, can significantly limit how much space can be added.

So, when you are unable to expand outward, the solution is to build upward. Many homeowners have chosen this route if they have small gardens or live in a neighborhood where the houses are too close together.

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