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Remodeling Contractor Tips

Things Your Remodeling Contractor Wants You to Know

A remodeling contractor bears more than their fair share of complaints on online referral sites. Sometimes, these are legitimate. However, the majority of remodeling contractors are honest, experienced, and diplomatic, and they feel the process can only be improved when clients understand a few important things before they sign on the dotted line.

They Do Not Want To Work With Your People

When you hire a contractor for a kitchen remodel, they are 100% on-board, that is until you tell them that they must work with a member of your family, then it becomes a problem. This is because a contractor’s most important asset is his sub-contractors. They are the people they use for the likes of plumbing, electrical work, and the likes, all of who they know perform steller workmanship, bringing in an unknown is not appreciated by a contractor, as their reputation is on the line should anything go wrong.

They Have Allegiance to Their People Not Yours

As a client, even though it is true that you are important to a contractor, not just as a source of revenue but for that all-important word-of-mouth referral. As no referral site or advertisement can come close to the value of a good word-of-mouth referral. And even though this is true, it is also true that you are not their only client, when compared to their relationships with the trade. Contractors may know you for a few months, but they usually know their own people for years or even decades.

If you have an issue with a certain person, the contractor may go so far as to pull that person off the project, only to smooth things over with you and keep the project proceeding smoothly. However this is rare, usually, you should have no issues with the sub-contractors, if the contractor feels confident enough to work with that particular person.

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